Our Rules

We would love to enjoy your company, but, we do have a few conditions…

Let Staff do their jobs

This includes but is not limited to: not interfering with staff working to resolve issues, listening to staff instructions, cooperating with staff when needed, and not lying to staff.

Be Respectful

Use common sense. Treat others with respect. Trolling is not allowed.

No Alting

Alternate accounts are not allowed, as they give the player unfair advantages and can be used to bypass mutes, bans, and jails.

»  No cheating, hacking, or exploiting bugs. This includes any method of obtaining an unfair advantage. Use of these bugs for any reason is prohibited. If you encounter a bug report it to staff immediately.

»  Do not abuse bugs.

»  Do not hide bugs.

»  Any individual abusing, hiding, or attempting to abuse a bug will be banned. Bugs may include but are not limited to: any method of item duplication, any bypass of a staff protected area (ie. barrier blocks have a hole, report it, don’t explore.), modifications to player stats that bypass locked permissions (adding health, speed, flying).

»  This includes any form of racism, homophobia, or excessive vulgarity. This includes but is not limited to: User names, Item names, chat (in game, on the forums, in discord, or any Maestrea platform), skins, etc

»  Swearing is not against the rules. Swearing profusely to the point of disrupting chat or hurling profanities at other players is not allowed

»  This includes ANY method of interacting with another player and is not limited to just chat.
»  Intentionally spamming invites, notifications, or requests is also not allowed. 

Scamming is any deceitful or fraudulent method of taking items or money from another player.

Scams may include but are not limited to:

»  Auction Boosting

»  Refusal to pay for goods or services received

»  Refusal to provide goods or services that have been paid for

»  Any form of trapping

»  Any form of impersonation Inviting someone to teleport to a location with the intent of killing or having them killed (this includes /t spawn, /home & /back)

»  No Begging

»  Any areas in which you cannot destroy/place blocks, are claimed by the server. If you claim over them, the claims will be forcefully removed without compensation. 

»  Do not advertise other Minecraft servers, post links to non Maestrea platforms, or generally advertise anything from outside the Maestrea platform.

»  Auctions and Auction House Listings are not to be used for advertising of any sort. Do not rename items in auctions or auction house listings to advertise.

»  Any machine or device found to cause impact on server TPS is not allowed.

»  Any transaction involving IRL money, buycraft items, or IRL trades for server items are not allowed. Advertising these transactions is strictly prohibited. Any transaction involving IRL money, buycraft items, or IRL trades for server items are NOT covered under the scamming rule, as they are not allowed.

»  Setting homes inside another player’s plot or private world without their express permission is not allowed.

»  Use of disguises is prohibited while engaging in PVP combat

»  No client side auto mods (fisher, clicker, etc.) Possible machines: AFK pool, Auto-jump fencepost, Client-side changes which allow the player to jump uninterrupted. Any client that automatically logs the player onto the server.


»  No unclaimed land grief within 64 blocks of a town. This rule is made for the protection of the natural border of a town, not protection of player builds or items. This rule DOES NOT protect builds in town plots with improper permissions.

»  Abuse of the town claim system to forcibly remove chest locks is considered scamming.

»  Do not encircle other towns to prevent expansion. Claiming area on more then 2 sides of another town is considered Encirclement


»  Joining an island with malicious intent to steal or harm the island is considered scamming

Ban Appeal

Ban Report